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Illinois Inflation Reduction Act


The USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Illinois State Conservationist Tammy Willis announced a new statewide funding opportunity for Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funded by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The new EQIP-IRA ranking pool will offer five management practices to include: conservation crop rotation, cover crop, no-till, reduced tillage, and nutrient management. To address a natural resource concern, the management practices may be planned and contracted for up to five years. Contact us for more information

2023 CRP Seed Price List

Your Montgomery County SWCD has seed for Pollinators, Habitat Buffers, SAFE, Prairie Strips and Warm Season Grasses

Call 217-532-3361 Ex. 3 for Information and Orders

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The mission of the Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District is to ensure a leadership role in natural resource conservation, provide technical service and information to the people of Montgomery County that will control and prevent soil erosion, prevent air and water pollution, conserve wildlife, grassland and forest land, and ensure land use conversion is properly managed and to correctly identify areas that should remain as wetlands.


Glenn Shoals Lake Project

Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District , the City of Hillsboro and Northwater Consulting are working in a joint effort to identify erosion areas inside the watershed. Many streams drain into Glenn Shoals Lake and an effort will soon be underway to assess streambanks and waterways around Hillsboro. This is the first step in our pursuit of federal grant $$ for streambank stabilization projects that will benefit our community. Many landowners with property in the watershed area were mailed an informational letter earlier in the year to inform interested parties of the project and obtain permission to access streams and creeks. If you received a letter, your property is in an area that is important to this project. We are only seeking information relevant to the Glenn Shoals Lake project to identify highly eroded areas. Landowners will be contacted before access is made to their property and are welcome to observe the data collection. If you received a letter and didn't reply, please call us with any questions you may have. We are happy to provide information and assurance to landowners about accessing their property for the streambank survey. 



Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) were founded in the midst of the Dust Bowl Era to meet an educational and technical need for conservation.  These districts were to hire conservation professionals who could educate and assist local land users whose farming practices were contributing to the wind and water erosion happening on rural and urban soils.  In Montgomery County the district was formed in the county seat of Hillsboro in 1941.  The Montgomery County SWCD is still very active in the county more than eighty years later.

   The SWCD  is a unit of local government which is held to state statute and is governed by a board of five elected officials who either reside in or own property within its boundaries.  The board meets monthly to conduct its business.  The office is staffed with one full time employee and office space is provided by its federal partner, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Corn Field Barn

10 Reasons To Know Your SWCD

1. Not Just For Farmers Anymore

2. Conservation Delivery Infrastructure

3.Technical Know How

4.Track Record

5. Cost-effective, multipurpose tools

6. Trusted Resources

7. One Stop Access to State and Federal Programs

8. Citizen Oriented

9. Voluntary, Incentive Based Solutions

10. Educating the Future


Montgomery Co. SWCD

1621 Vandalia Rd

Hillsboro, IL  62049
217-532-3361, ext. 3

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