Never to be outdone.

The SWCD Board of directors enlists the help of several valuable Associate Directors.  Their role includes giving valuable input to the directors, assisting with the many committees which the district utilizes, and learning the ropes to possibly become a director one day.  We currently have three Associate Directors.  They are:

Dan Eck

Dick Lyons

Bob Wilson

No wallflowers here.

The SWCD Board is made up of five (5) elected directors who each serve two-year terms.  Elections are held annually, with two (2) directors being elected in odd numbered years and three (3) being elected in even numbered years.  The current elected directors are:

Ken Suslee, Chairman

Jason Anderson, Vice Chairman

Dave Schluckebier, Secretary/Treas

Dave Pastrovich, Director

Dennis Hand, Director

What We Offer

About Us


-Local, State and Federal Government Conservation Program access

-Annual Tree Sale each spring

-Bi-Annual Live Fish Sales for pond stocking

-Technical Assistance with survey and design of conservation practices, free of charge

-Rental of conservation tillage equipment, including a McFarlane Stalk Chopper and a Great Plains TurboTill

-Rental of a Holcomb 8 yard scraper

-Sales of non-woven filter fabric and fabric check material in three foot and fifteen foot widths

-Natuaral Area Guardians Group offers landowners a chance to identify native plant species on their property

-Referrals for seed dealers and contractors

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Soil and Water

Conservation District

78 Years of Putting Conservation on the Ground